Please Flock My Friend Fundraiser Form

$25 tax deductible donation per flocking

You can pay us with a check made out to The Jamaica Project (place in envelope)

To flock your friend, fill out the form below OR you can download, fill out, and email the PDF copy to

You can donate in following ways:

Visit our Facebook site to donate:

OR Click HERE To be taken to our donation page.

(You can also call our herder at (949) 973-2756 to order your flocking)

Important terms and conditions

  1. Please keep the geographical area to the limits shown below. The birds are tired and can't fly far.
  2. We cannot deliver to yards with artificial grass or rockscapes. In this event, we will contact you for an alternate choice.
  3. Please do not send the birds to communities with manned gates, or very restrictive HOAs (Coto de Caza, Casta del Sol etc.) as we will not be granted admittance or be allowed to flock the yard.
  4. We cannot deliver birds to yards with unmanned gates unless you supply the gate code.
Flock Area

Please Flock My Friend Fundraiser Form

  • (gate codes, gardener days if known, special occasions, etc.)
  • What do you want to say to the receiver of your blessing?